Singularity is a 7 day total immersion recovery experience. This week long deep dive into the root of addiction is designed to address the identity crisis that is at the heart of substance abuse. This program uses a mindfulness based approach to reprogram our pre-conditioned life responses through guided meditation, a plant-based nutritional detox and somatic exercise for people at any level of fitness. Whether you’ve never tried to get sober previously or even if you’ve done conventional treatments without success, you might find this breakthrough approach is exactly what you need to create a whole new way of seeing the yourself and the world you live in. This is ground zero for rock bottom. 

The cost of program is $2,000 and inlcudes lodging and meals. Next Singularity event Coming December 2019- register now!

SINGULARITY: A New Life Starts Today 

Prescription Meditation is a 3 day plant based meditation retreat designed to give you a break in the repeating pattern of life. If your eating and/or drinking is becoming a problem but you have not gone all the way into the depths of rock bottom, this retreat is for you. In this program we give you the tools needed to get "unstuck" and learn to breath. You will enjoy the outdoors, relaxation and guided meditations while you learn to cook delicious plant based meals. Give yourself the gift of getting some distance between you and your learned response to life. 

The cost of program is $595 and includes lodging and meals. Perscription Meditation events every month in Boulder, Colorado.