-Stone Cold Steve Austin, action movie icon and WWF Superstar.

"David is a gifted athlete that believes in others as much as he believes in himself. I've only found a few of those people in my entire time on this planet."

My name is David Clark and I was at deaths door not too long ago... Before my life bottomed out I had I worked my way out of a difficult childhood environment. I set national sales records while attending classes at The University of Colorado. And I went on to build an 8 million dollar company by the time I was 29 years old.  So what happened?

In all my hard work I never learned how to be happy. I never learned the difference between creating profit and being present in life. Instead of enjoying the fruits of my success, I became lost. By the time I hit 34 years old I was 320lbs, addicted to fast food, narcotics and alcohol. I had a heart condition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, two herniated discs in my back and I was a hair away from full on diabetes. One day I drew a line in the sand- I decided I was no longer going to accept death. Instead I changed my life entirely by surrendering and committing to learning a whole new way to live. Today I am an accomplished endurance athlete, business owner, speaker and bestselling author. And it would be my honor, privilege and life's work to share with you my story. So if you are tired of feeling like there is a secret to life you missed, or if you know deep inside there is a super-powered version of you- call me.



Celebrity Raves

My Story

  -Luc Robitaille, President Los Angeles Kings, NHL Hall of Fame

“David seems to be in touch with a deeper meaning that translates into all he does. The heart of a champion wether helping others or running 100’s of miles. His message of hope and dedication to better yourself is life changing.”

-Tom Arnold, Actor and producer. 

"David has inspired me to eat better, forgive quicker and be the best person I can be. He is a true, genuine badass in a world of pretenders. Proud to know him  and call him a friend." 

Meet David...

  -Dean Karnazes, NY Times Best-Selling author and ultra running legend

“David Clark is one of the most unique individuals I have ever met. The way he can frame and present his complex thoughts in an easy to understand way is pure genius. His book kept me up all night long and impacted me very deeply- I recommend it to everyone. ”

"David Clark exemplifies the character needed to surmount impossible obstacles and remain steadfast in the face of improbable odds. Yet he does so with a grace and passion that is uplifting and admirable." 

-Pat Miletich, 5x UFC Champion and Hall Of Fame Inductee