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Speaking Packages $1500-$6000

Speaking events can be designed to meet your individual needs and include a video presentation followed by a motivational and learning oriented discussion. David will use his unique life experience to fire you up and have your staff believing that anything is possible. David has a very special way of relating to people of all backgrounds. We are sure you will find him to be an engaging, funny and very animated speaker- your audience will never forget this one of a kind event.


  • Mastering Your Thoughts
  • Creating Passion
  • Becoming A Champion of Now
  • The Science Of Achievement
  • Changing Everything In Your Life
  • Customized Presentation Based on Your Needs

A fun intensive program designed to break down old paradigms, bring a spirit of service and instill a champion mindset in employees and managers.

"Passion and success wont ever find us if we seek only to do what we love- its when we learn to love whatever we do that we are truly happy" -David Clark

As business owners and managers we know how important it is to have a motivated sales staff, but no matter how dynamic the speaker or how many carrots we dangle, eventually the energy burns off leaving even the best of employees right where they started- stuck in place. 

So what do we do? How do we keep on top of it, how do create real change within individuals? That's where I can help... Let me teach your employees how to become happy, self motivated, goal crushing, unstoppable, perpetual agents of change!

My name is David Clark and in my twenties and thirties I set every sales record that could be set in the mattress world. I won awards, I made money, I had the respect of all my peers and yet I was miserable- it seemed I couldn't be at peace no matter how successful I was. Eventually I left my six figure job to start my own company in hopes this new venture would make me happy, instead I carried all my misery with me. I doubled the 8 million dollars in sales we were doing and doubled my personal suffering in the process...  Eventually it all came crumbling down and left me a 320lbs, broken and bankrupt alcoholic at just 34 years old. 

In the aftermath I rebuilt myself, I redefined how I saw the world and I learned to be healthy, happy and peaceful. In my 40's I have literally written the book on customer service, personal and corporate fitness. I have competed in some of the toughest endurance races on the planet including a 135 mile run across Death Valley and in 2014 I ran the Boston Marathon 4 times IN ONE DAY. Today I am a nationally renowned speaker, trainer, best-selling author, professional athlete and have been dubbed a corporate spiritual guru by my peers. 

Let me show your employees how to live an inspired life, how to find love in anything they do, how to be happy in any circumstance and how to become a sustainable force of positive energy and determination. You and I both know we cannot hold onto success if we never learn to be happy. This could be the most valuable gift you ever give.

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