Keynote Recovery Ministries Youth Event

Chicago Marathon Expo Book Signing

NYC Marathon Expo Book Signing

Las Vegas Marathon Expo Book Signing

Speaking NASCAR Team Event

ISPO Book Signing Munich, Germany

Nike- Back On My Feet 12 Hour World Record Run/ Book Signing  and Shoe Launch- NYC


David Clark: Speaker, Author & Elite athlete.

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David's Video of The Day

Let David share his amazing journey with your company, group or organization. David has gone from the heights of owning an 8 million dollar business at the age of 29, to the depths of addiction, obesity and bankruptcy. At 34 he reinvented himself, climbed out of the basement of life and to the top of the ultra-running world. Clark is now a nationally renowned speaker, bestselling author, gym owner and former American record holder.

David has been featured in Runners World, ESPN, CBS, NBC and many national newspapers and radio shows.